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Winter in Massachusetts is harsh on all landscapes. We offer reviving services for your lawn to get it back to its lovely, natural state. Our Spring Clean-Up Services include: 

  • Clean Up: Clearing the yard of unwanted debris to allow for new growth.

  • Mulching & Edging: Gives your property sharp lines, bold colors, and protect your soil from drought and temperature change by spreading mulch.

  • Weed Control: Targeted weed control can be used where they are already appearing and this will help prevent further establishment of weeds 

  • Fertilization: Assures that plants, lawn and trees have the nutrients they need to grow as intended.

  • Plant & Flowerbed Maintenance & Revival: We remove weeds and other debris from the beds. Without suitable care, growing space will be taken up by unwanted plants (weeds!).

  • Pruning: Promotes healthy growth for plants by cutting off damaged, dead, and diseased parts, which allows for proper blooms and lasting growth. We can return trees and shrubs to their desired state and a healthy length.


Prepping your property for winter in Massachusetts is as sensible as bringing a jacket when it gets cold. Depending on your lawn, the following fall landscape services should be part of your plan:

  • Leaf and Debris Removal: We clean up your property getting rid of leaves, deadfall and other debris. 

  • Pruning: Cutting back plants, trimming bushes and trees and removing dead growth and overgrowth are important steps to prep your yard for winter.   

  • Fertilization: Supplying nutrients for your lawn before the winter is important so your property and plants can store up for the winter.

  • Planting: Planting next spring’s beautiful blooms now by installing bulbs in the fall is one option. We can also update all seasonal flowers and ensure perennial plants, trees, and flowers are prepped for winter.

Whether wrapping up a project, or if you are exploring maintenance options with us for the first time, we’ll make sure there’s a plan to protect your property investment for every season.

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