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proud member of the International association of hydro seeding professionals 

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Lawn Maintenance: Services

trained & Certified

With our wealth of experience and industry knowledge we continuously deliver cost-effective and professional hydroseeding solution for all site requirements. 

We are hydroseeding experts trained and certified in seeding new lawns. Importantly, Clipco is a proud member of the International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals. Over the years Clipco has continued to develop in this specialist area, gaining recognization for consistent, quality hydroseeding and conscientious work.


Hydroseeding is a budget-friendly and convenient method to grow a healthy lawn, allowing for grass’ roots to remain undisturbed and protected from disease after they begin to grow, which increases the chance you’ll have healthy grass.

We only utilize professional grade hydroseeding materials. Our seed mixture contains seeds, fertilizer, mulch, and binding material that will be sprayed onto the ground to establish new and strong grass roots to create the perfect landscape. 


That is not all we do. We always supply our customers with the best advice for aftercare to maintain a beautiful lawn. 



Benefits of Hydroseeding

  1. Faster Germination

  2. Superior seed to soil contact

  3. Soil stabilization

  4. Cost and time efficient way to get a gorgeous lawn

  5. Makes seeding on steep banks or inaccessible areas possible

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