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For your lawn to thrive and flourish, your landscape needs be porous, or simply put, have lots of holes so that nutrients, water and air can reach and nourish the root systems. ⁣After harsh winters and hot summers, Lawns get clogged up, and the root systems grow tired. Aeration can alleviate soil compaction simply by poking tons of holes into the lawn. 

How often should I aerate my landscape? 

The specific soil type and the type of grass planted is important to consider, as well as the climate. We recommend  aerating your lawn at least twice a year.

When should my lawn be aerated?

Experts, Clipco included, agree that the Fall is the best time to aerate lawns. Why? Because as the temperature cools down, plants and grass alike are busy preparing their root systems for winter. Aeration allows access to root systems, promoting new root growth, allows for better drainage and increases benefits of fertilization programs. Our Cam-Driven Machines out-perform our competitors drum type and machinery by pulling up to 40% more plugs per square foot! Fall Lawn Aeration gives your lawn what it needs to come back stronger and healthier next spring.


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