A well kept lawn can transform the look of your garden. We provide a regular mowing service to keep your lawn under control. Maintaining a lawn height of 2 1/2 to 3 inches helps protect the roots from heat stress and reduces the loss of moisture to evaporation.


Seasonal pruning, weeding and plant care. We also can plant flowers and shrubs as required.


Mulching helps keep weeds at bay and provides a neat look to lawn borders, as well as providing nutrients, organic matter to improve soil structure and maintaining soil moisture during the summer.


Seasonal pruning keeps your hedges neat and under control.


Lawn diseases typically cause discoloration and affect the health of your grass. Each disease can be caused by different problems and environmental factors. We provide lawn disease control programs to eliminate diseases from your lawn when required. The best way to avoid lawn diseases is to have a regular lawn maintenance program in place with us.

Our goal is to create and continually maintain a visually appealing landscape at a reasonable rate. 

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