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Last updated April, 2022


Here at Clipco, we are focusing on protecting both our crew and our customers. Please read on and hopefully we can answer your questions:

COVID19 has cause great shortages across the Landscaping and Hardscaping Supply Chains, even after two years. This means that your inquires and plans may be slightly delayed due to the fact that we are unable to get all products in a timely manner. We are doing our very best to accommodate for this by keeping our customers up to date.  

Estimates / property viewings: We are still up and running. Cliff, the owner, will come view the property, take notes and get back to you via phone (781-721-CLIP) / by email We know that having the back yard trimmed and maintained is important, especially if you have children or spend time outside as the months grow warmer. We want to make sure our customers are safe from pests that can live in overgrown grass, so we kindly ask you to stay inside and at a distance when our crew is at work. Additionally, your business with us allows us, a small family own business to stay up and running.

We are consistently implementing logical, common-sense practices to reduce transmission. While it is unlikely that our crew will come in to physical contact with you, we want to take all precautions to protect our crew, their families and of course our customers. 

We hope that the above demonstrates to you that we are doing our very best to minimize potential risks and still provide our services to our customers. 

We are available on 781-721-CLIP or and we can help you arrange your landscaping needs to improve your home, as planned, this year. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 



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